Supersoil 4 components

Biological preparation to mix with your not pre-fertilized soil.
In the pack you find 4 different bags containing the 11 elements to switch your light soil in Supersoil | Dogma.

TopDress Flo

Organic preparation to spread on your lands. To prevent / recover nutritional deficiencies in flowering.

Prodotto certificato biologico

Zeolite Pure10

Natural rock micronized mechanically, nebulisable format. For natural foliar treatments without chemical agents.


Organic solid preparation fermented with inoculations of microorganisms beneficial for the plant. It protects the soil and roots from various types of pathogens, accelerates the decomposition processes of nutrients and therefore promotes their absorption, thus making them bio-available quickly.

Prodotto certificato biologico

Melassa Pura

Pure Sugar Cane Molasses.
Improve soil quality and promote plant growth.
It can be used both in fertigation and as a sugar additive to feed the bacterial colonies forming when aerated teas are prepared. With its high nutrient content, the microorganisms will receive all they need to multiply colonies.

Cover Crop

The cover crops make it possible to intercept solar radiation and capture the nutrients, improving the efficiency of the entire plant-soil ecosystem. An efficient ecosystem requires fewer inputs to produce, allowing for a reduction in water input and enriching the soil with organic matter.

Prodotto certificato biologico

Consulenza ed analisi dei terreni

Consulenza tecnica personalizzata del terreno, con analisi chimiche specifiche.

Garden Automation

Consulenza e creazione di impianti domotici automatizzati per il mantenimento ottimale delle tue coltivazioni Indoor & outdoor.

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